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To give you an overview of what frequency therapy can do for you, and to enable you to only buy what you really need, the Healy’s fields of application are organized into different program pages, covering various aspects of bioenergetic balancing.

Each program page contains a number of programs for a specific application field, e.g. “Beauty”, "Meridians", or “Job”.

The Healy comes in four different models:

  • Healy Basic

  • Healy Holistic Health

  • Healy Holistic Health Plus

  • Healy Resonance​

The Healy is the same device across all the editions; however, the only difference is the number of programs the device has access to through the Healy App. It is easy to add individual programs or upgrade to the next package configuration.

You can choose one of several Healy editions. Each Healy Edition consists of the Healy hardware and a group of programs for a specific application field.

You can add more program pages to your Healy at any time should your need more features, or upgrade to have access to more functionality.

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$470 + tax


$942 + tax

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.30.43 PM cop


$1,413    inc tax


$2,357   incl tax

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The Healy Resonance Edition contains Healy Holistic Health Plus, i.e., more than 120 Healy frequency programs, plus the Healy Analysis app with the Resonance and Aura modules.

With the analysis feature of the Healy Resonance module, doctors, practitioners and other health professionals can be supported to suggest suitable dietary supplements, foods, etc., for their patients or clients.

Not only professionals, but also individual users are able to use this for performing analyses for themselves and for their families and friends. However, analyses should be reviewed by a doctor if any signs of disease appear to be present.

Another useful tool in this edition is the Healy’s Aura module. It lets you analyze the energy distribution of your chakras in the Information Field; after an analysis of the emotional background, you can point out suitable ways of optimization with the Aura module.

The resulting optimization patterns can be applied to different products with Healy in order to balance energetic blockages. Many patients and therapists also have reported that this is helpful.

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Functional Overview

After you have switched on Healy and started the Healy App, the Healy App automatically scans for Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. Once the Healy App finds the Healy, the last program that you transferred from your smartphone to your Healy starts automatically.

The intensity – i.e. the transferred current strength – is automatically regulated to 15%. The low intensity of 15% is required by law for patient safety, which is based on the safe use of medical devices in which microcurrent is applied. You have an option to increase the intensity of a Healy program or to transfer another program to your Healy.

After you connect you will see a screen, which tells you how to use the electrodes correctly. This is a guideline according to the medical device safety standard.

You can increase the intensity of the currently running program so that the current is slightly noticeable, but not unpleasant. Alternatively, you can cancel the program and transfer a new program to your Healy.

If you move the Healy App to the background, the Bluetooth connection to your Healy will be maintained. From now on, the application will send periodic notifications to your smartphone. The notification shows you the currently applied frequency and the remaining time of the program. You can also use the notification to pause, stop or resume the current program on your Healy.

You also have an option to quit the Healy App completely, or you have the choice to continue running it in the background. If you decide to continue running the app in the background, the Bluetooth connection to your Healy will remain. You can always open the Healy App again to see the application screen with the current status of the program progress.

Alternatively, you can exit the app completely. The Bluetooth connection to your Healy will be interrupted and the currently started program will continue to run with the intensity you have chosen. After the application program is finished, Healy will automatically switch off.

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